The 30 Day Photography Project

Hi, Hello, welcome once again people of the cyber void.

IMG_6453s copyAt last, I found a project to do with my trusty steed of a camera, the so imaginatively called 30 Day Photo project, it is what it says on the tin, or as the wonderful wizards of Pinterest have specified.

So this tins contents is the Self Portrait if you haven’t already guessed.  This is I, Roubey better known as Roubs or Roo and a bunch of other names.  January 1st 2013 and I am spending a few weeks on holiday in New Jersey with my best friend.  It had just snowed, we where at the highest point in New Jersey which is also unimaginatively called High Point and oh my it is so cold that even snowmen shivered.  The plan here was to do some sweetheart shots with my best friend and myself but he had wondered off chasing my tripod cover or something silly like that, hence I am a little clueless here and oh so lonesome with a awesome home made hat if I don’t mind saying myself.   It’s what happened an hour after this that makes this image special to me, lets just say my best friend and I walked up to the monument at the top of the “hill” and we walked down engaged to each other.   Happy happy New Year and happy new start of life.


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