Day 2 – What I wore today

Jan 2nd 2013


Day two – What I wore today

old boot

My dear void viewers, Winter in my opinion has no sense of fashion and thus I have no sense of fashion and do I care? Well yes in a way but in another way it is was and still is too darn cold to care.  You meet me here in the car to absolutely no idea where and still couldn’t tell you the location of the place, how to get there, how to get back or even point at a state on the map of the US, either way, the place had nice apple pie and well needed hot chocolate.   These boots have walked a few miles and a couple of them in varying countries, Germany, Austria, Holland, Canary Islands and so on but the majority will remain in the UK as well as the US, they have even had the privilege of walking down and staggering back up the Grand Canyon it skin melting temps.  Like them, I like to adventure, I like to know what is around that next corner, not in a nosey kind of way but more in a childhood wanderlust way.   It is strange to say that they have been the best pair of shoes I have ever owned, to put it into perspective, they are at least 11 years old because the top of the right boot was chewed on by a two month old puppy who is currently sleeping soundly on the sofa next to me at a ripe old age of 10.  It’s strange how the years go by when you see little reminders like that, it makes me think, where on earth did all that time go so quickly?   Here’s to another 11 adventurous years I say.

As for the socks, I have no excuse for them, I just like stripy socks and as I said, Winter, that cruel cruel mistress of maudlin grimaces hath no concept of couture.