Day eleven – Black and white

Good afternoon from the kitchen of here where I sit, a cuppa lemon and ginger tea is waiting to be experimented and a load of socks are slowly drying nicely on the radiator hanger.  It’s yet another dismal day here in the south of England, what a surprise you may say ironically, it snowed a little at three this morning but when I awoke again it was all gone, and now it is just grey, and cold and British.   You know what though, today, this is in no way shape or form going to get me down, I feel full of happy bubbles today.  I got in touch with my bestest ultimate soul friend last night over the internet and she told me the greatest of news, I can’t tell you what it is yet because she is also keeping it on the low down but believe me my dear cyber void viewers, this is outstanding amazing-ness.  So happy ,happy, happy and grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat.   Oh I miss her so much, I haven’t seen her for months since she moved to North Carolina and me being in the UK, and right now all I just want to be doing is banging on her front door and throwing my arms around her, instead of that, I just jiggle on my seat and yell at the sky, hurry up with this fiancée visa already.

And take a deep breath, mmmm the tea smells nice, much too hot still.   I wonder if it is actually going to try and get light outside today? Looking out the kitchen window I have to remind myself that I am not colour blind and that what I see are not just black and white silhouettes (nope spell check helped me on that one) they are in fact buildings.  Seems so weird that in a world full of colour it only wants to present itself in not fifty shades of grey but more like nine sludgy smears of blah.   The world we live in is not just black and white and neither are our reactions.   Speaking of that comment, I once saw someone on the Internet make a statement about nothing is black and white, to which too many wise people face planted themselves and started the list,




Everton mints







Bar codes

Pirate flag

Chess board

Zorilla (go look it up)

Teeth and so on, the list went on and on and the poor girl went from trying to make an intelligent statement and ended up looking like a first class idiot, bless her, at least she tried.

It seems quite ironic that I am sitting here complaining about the lack of colour outside but yet when I look at a black and white picture, I am captured in such awe at the power and beauty of it all.   I am in with love black and white pictures, I love taking them, I love seeing them, and I love being told a story by them.  They are, in my mind, the narrators of the picture world, because once you take away any colour from your sight, your brain has to work differently to fill in those new gaps where vibrancy is meant to be, hence you end up being left with more questions than answers, making you determine what the image means to you.  As for the power of them, wow, some of the images I have seen in my life could knock the socks off even the most cynical of soles by the way it shouts at you with the intensity of strong contrast, dragging you into the frame with hulk like hands and slamming your eyes into the core of the image where it banshee bellows to you, “THIS IS MY MESSAGE, THIS IS WHAT I AM ABOUT, YOU CANNOT AND WILL NOT MISTAKE MY IDENTITY, TAKE THIS AWAY WITH YOU AND TELL THE OTHERS ABOUT ME”.  Yes you may leave the gallery with bleeding ears but, sometimes an image like that can stir positive emotions for individuals to change.  On the other side of the spectrum, some black and white images are calming by their pure stillness and quietness and you are lulled into the since that you where enclosed in a fluffy blanket and rocked gently to sleep as the heavenly stars sing lullabies above you.

I just personally don’t think you can get the same reaction from a colour image, and holy moly I have just tried the tea and wooooowee the ginger is sharp, good grief as Charlie Brown would say.  Anyhoo back to reactions, colour images to me, although very beautiful are a poor mans story, they show themselves, they parade themselves with peacock vibrancy, temping you with their seductive fiery reds, calming sea blues and luscious cow field grass greens, but that’s it, they are just temptations, the whole story has pretty much been read for you.  With black and white, to me, there is a touch of class of elegance of opulence like Grace Kelly being twirled in a flowing satin ball gown by Fred Astair, and just as you think you have seen the whole image, she then turns around and gives you the middle finger, there is always so much more to be said and that leaves me wanting more…… I think, I don’t know.  I am conflicted with this one, I like being a story teller, this is why I write the way I do, but I don’t want to mar the photographer by going off on a totally different tangent.   I know each image is meant to have a story or a meaning but…. I just don’t even know how to explain this, I suppose what my brain is trying to tell me is, don’t steer too far from the truth, sometimes pictures are just what they are meant to be of, a black and white image of an egg is an egg because he or she wanted to take a picture of an egg, that’s it, nothing about life or death or anything in-between, just an egg.

This tea, corrr blimey, yes I said cor blimey, I am British after all, my mouth is doing a disco right now, jeeeeez this is uplifting nectar, don’t believe me? well if you ever find Twinings revitalising lemon and ginger with no caffeine, just jump into a pool of it and you will come out feeling like a new person.   Wow, my insides are singing like a Glee club ahhhhhhh.

Well my friends I am going to have to love you and leave you as I finish my tea and possibly flick flack gymnastic style across the hallway, I have a life to live to and so you do, oh and just in case you where wondering what this image is actually of, its just a rainbow coloured slinky I had tucked away on a shelf collecting dust because it refuses to go down stairs, the ironary.  I however have to go down stairs and check on the sheets that are hopelessly trying to dry in this dank greyness, hurry up snow that’s all I have to say, at least it will be doing something in this boring atmosphere.  As if on queue the snow appeared, maybe I should try asking for the sun to come out today as well or am I pushing my luck already.