Day Thirteen – Photo edit I like

Welcome friends of the Void

As predicted it is another foul day, the poor dog was not too impressed on the walk today, but hey it’s got to be done.  We did get snow, not huge billowing clouds of loveliness but wet dank bits of spit wod mixed in with super cold rain.   Oh it is miserable out there, hence you find me today sitting next to the fire trying to get some circulation into my freakishly long toes.

IMG_6734s copy Today is a limbo day, yesterday was yummy scrummy Pancake Day and tomorrow is Valentines Day, both of which need flour/flower of some kind. This is my first proper pancake day for years as it is not really something that is celebrated in the US and it was wonderful, I only managed two dishevelled ripped to pieces bits of tasty batter and woke up this morning with a bit of a tummy ache but it was worth it.   As for Valentines day, well we will see if the fiancé remembered or if I can give him stick forever.

Oh I really don’t know what to write today, blank mind and spent too much time on my soapbox yesterday with this.  Ho hum, and fiddlydee and stuff.  You see, I don’t have a favourite edit because my tastes keep evolving, just like photography.  Today I may like that picture, tomorrow I may like that one, it’s a very up in the air thing for me.  I can tell you what I don’t like, Uber skin blur and selective colouring, they are the Lego bricks on the floor at 2am in the morning when you don’t own any Lego.

IMG_6738s copyNo one looks like a doll in real life so why do professionals still brush and blur skin so much that it looks like the poor girl has been introduced to the Brillo pad factory.  I have nothing against a little bit of it, as in a LITTLE, just something to soften the overall image but still give a clear view of natural pores, but making people look like foetuses is creepy and lazy editing. I have used skin blurring and I am in no way saying that I am the pro of the century with Photoshop, but I do know when enough it ENOUGH. As for the selective colouring, eugh, I haven’t even the energy to exert over this trauma.  In the 90’s it was cool, but then so were scrunchies and brightly coloured shell suits.  I owned one of those, not going to admit which one but all I am can it was a huge mistake and it frightened the wildlife.

Then comes the biggie, I am so sorry to say but I just don’t get the huge following for Instagram, in my understanding it is the process of taking a snappy image, and sticking a filter on it, and ta dah, a work of fart.

Oh I am so sorry my dear Cyber Void, I have been very cynical over the past few days being full of grumpy and opinionated talk, it’s not my natural self, and I hope I have not frightened or angered you away, my apologies anyway.

IMG_67422s copyThere is much of life to enjoy and too much of it is spent on looking at and picking on the negative parts of it, I guess if I had my choice I would like to edit more happy parts into the world.  Yes that would be it, that is my favourite edit, if I could make it, promoting happiness and kindness, now that would be a good way to live life.  That’s it; I think there should be a Photoshop app for the world.  A great big camera or even one of those Google map cars can go around and then a bunch of editors will have to edit out crime, hatred, injustice, poverty, illness and oh what the heck for the first time ever I am actually going to say lets well and truly have a field day with skin blur when it comes to war, I do not want to even recognise it.   Just for a selfish thing to humour me, can I make all those people who crossed my path and refused to be nice a little bit more noticeable so I can avoid them before they see me.

Photoshop has not announced any new world correction software as yet and probability never will get there, although my hopes are still on Apple, so until then we will have to stick to go old common sense by being nice, being proactive and helping others, as the meer cat would say SIMPLES.  So if you would please humour me and take out your imaginary healing brush, heal those words you said out of line, take your clone tool and hug the one you love over and over again, take your warp tool and make that hug tighter and take out our paint brush and brighten up someone’s horizon.  It is never too late to say sorry, don’t live with those regrets, edit your life happier, edit other peoples lives happier and who knows, maybe Photoshop will not have to create that app after all.

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