Day Sixteen – Experimenting with light

Wow viewers, today was an even better than fantastic day, it was the better than the best, today my mother and I went to WESTON SUPER-MARE.   For those who have been keeping a track on my daily rambles, you will know that, in my mind, this is the greatest place on earth, even slightly better an Disney, but wouldn’t say no to a holiday there if Mickey Mouse paid for the trip.

_MG_6796s copyI am exhausted, so I am going to give you an easy day today with not much to chew through.

It seems the weather has been experimenting with light today, as we left the house early, our village was lost under a thick blanket of fog.  A thriller movie would have been proud of it.  Further down the road, the horizon was something of a mystery, it reminded me of the days when people used to say the world was flat and if you went too near the edge, you would fall off, this is how we felt on the motor way.   Then out of nowhere, the fog just disappeared, as if someone had clicked there fingers and said, “be gone with you”.   The sun came out, the sky was a rich azure blue and there was even something of warmth coming through the window screen.

Just as quickly as the fog cleared it was back again with vengeance, and so this was the pattern all the way down to Weston. Then where was a jaw dropper of a sight, just as we where above a deep valley, the fog was so thick that the ground was gone, nothing could be seen, but the tops where still poking out of the top of the cloud cover, it truly was a land in the sky.

Sometimes it would get cloudier, sometimes it would be darker, sometimes Mother and I would look at each other and think, maybe we should go to Ikea instead, but with a little bit of faith the sun indeed tried.

By the time we parked up after discovering that our normal car park has been extremely knocked down to the point that even ants couldn’t construct a sandcastle out of it, the weather was still foggy to the point where the island on the other side of the bay was invisible apart from its toe dipping in the water.

Cuppa tea for mother and the best ever hot chocolate in the universe in a non chipped mug in the Victorian café while watching the sun start to come out and bathe the Grand Pier in a warm light.

Blue sky gently drifted from the fluffy clouds, the sun turned up the heat, the water gently lapped at the hiking boots, it was sheer bliss.

Lots of happy children making sandcastles and dropping ice cream in them, seriously happy dogs hurtled up and down and in and out of the water after balls, squeaky toys, children’s ice creams that have since been bitten out of said sand castles and what ever dogs like to pick and retrieve to gain praise from welly wearing owners.

The further down the bay we walked the more the dramatic the sky turned, the fog got thicker again in patches, dark menacing clouds rolled the other way, a million and one shades of blue dancing from the surf of the horizon waves all the way up to Icarus’s fateful sun.

_MG_6805s copyWe had never been that far down the promenade and we discovered new worlds because of it.  The soft sand turned to interesting pebbles and then into miniature versions of Giants causeways, back to sand, to pebbles and so on, an indecisive beach.   At one point it was hard to think that we where in Weston all, but rather lapping up the summer in the Med.   Then from the Grecian isle to turn the corner and find, or not find the rest of a run down pier.   This is a another thriller dream today, when I say the pier is run down I mean seriously, on it’s knees pulling itself along the brutal ground with its knickers showing to the world.  It is beautiful though, the bits of it you can see, the fog had eaten the end, and it made for a very dramatic picture.   The sun tried all it could to brush away the drama but it was not to be, the ghosts can remain there a little longer.

Back thought the gorgeousness of Greece and back to the noisy world and those menacing clouds.  Chips on the beach, yummy, yummy, trip up and down the pier and back to the car.  The best of the weather was starting to chased away by the thunder horses of the sky, so by the time we neared home, it was grim and most foreboding.   No wonder there was so many people travelling south as we went north, maybe they know something we didn’t.

The sun had not given up on us yet though, on the dog walk it decided to produce itself again in the form of angel wings, so precious, so beautiful.   Now it is dark, cold, maybe a star or two will be twinkling in the heavens but it is really amazing how many shades and intonations of light that can be noticed in one day when you look for it consciously.

As for the day the image was taken, it was an ok day so you would find me in the attic playing with one of my enlargers given to me by a fantastic man I used to work with.   He was my boss, and he knew how seriously I was taking this photography malarkey, so one day he came in with two big boxes full of photographic darkroom equipment and a load of books, “if you want it, you can have it”.  Even better, he would take no money for this kind gesture.  He was a great boss who turned into a ninja, I have no idea where to find him, it would be easier finding a pin in an hay stack then finding him.

Ok, I better sign off for the night, I am tired and run out of things to say, so night, night, sweet dreams and I will speak to you tomorrow for another colour filled, light reflected day.