Day Eighteen – Depicting emotion.

Noswaith dda annwyl barn ddi-rym. Or should I say Good evening dear void viewers.  I have spent the day in Cardiff having a great time.

Smiles are such an extraordinary function a human can do, just with the tightening of a few facial muscles, you indicate to the public I am happy, and, I don’t know about you but I like happy people.  Everyone has the right to be happy and everyone has the ability to spread that happiness.  It doesn’t take much to make to influence a smile; sometimes it is as simple as a how you say “hello” to holding someone all night in a warm blanket, telling them, you will be there for them no matter what.

_MG_6832s copyAs you will well known, the world at times can be a very dark and closed place, it may feel like all hope is lost and you are spinning round and round in a torrent of despair with no visible way out.  We have all been there but yet somewhere along the line a rope ladder came out and saved you, the sun came out again and life carries on as normal, we take it for granted.  We naively forget that not everyone shares the same emotion  as you do at this moment, as you read from the void, there is someone out there who has just had the best day of their lives, they couldn’t be happier, the world would swell up and burst confetti, however the truth is the other way round too, someone is lost and hurting but has given up on looking for that ladder.  Do you remember those times? Do you remember the tears you lost and how many Celine Dion CD’s you went through to help numb that pain? How many toys where throw across the room in the injustice of this “cruel” world? How many times did you say hate? How many times did you step too near the edge and think, what if I just fell, who would miss me?

You mission, my dear viewers, if you choose to join the movement is to seek out those people and show them the way out, show them that there is someone who cares about them and their needs, give them a reason to be happy.  I am not asking you to buy them a super car or take them to bed with you, that is just silly, use your own common sense and start with that “hello”, put a smile with it, give them a reason to believe that you are interested in listening and helping them, give them hope.

Reason-to-smileI remember a time many years ago; I was on a plane trip to Oregon to stay with my Aunty and Uncle for two weeks.  I was so looking forward to it, so when the plane landed in New Jersey, half the trip was already over, I would soon be there.  What I didn’t know at the time was that the middle of the country was experiencing severer snow storms, so due to this, my flight was delayed for an hour, then two, then five then cancelled.  There where no other flights, it was just down right cancelled and all of us on the way to Oregon where now stranded.  All the airline representatives had vanished, I had no way of contacting my relatives, but the worst thing was, I was alone.  I had travelled quite a bit alone before and had problems but there was always a way out, this time, there was no alternative, no flights anywhere and no help in sight.  I was tired from the journey so far, I had no way of knowing what I was meant to do or and I just ended up sitting in a quiet part of our gate and cried.   Big girly tears fell, I could not hold them in, I didn’t even care, I just had to get them out and then get some sleep.   Out of nowhere a rope ladder came to be in the form of a Liverpool family.  A mother, father, two young girls and grandmother.   The grandmother sat next to me and placed her arm around me and wiped my tears.  She was in the same boat as me or plane I should say, she and her family where also lost in the wilderness but her random act of kindness changed everything that day.

For the next three days of being stuck in the airport, that family took me under their wing and treated me as one of their own, they bought me food, I watched their children as they slept and we talked a lot.  The father spent a lot of time trying to find flights and although he was able to get one or two for his family, he declined them because he wanted to make sure that I was with them, a very beautiful selfless act.

Eventually we all got on the same flight via Houston to Oregon and when it came to saying goodbye it felt very strange.  They where no longer strangers to me, they where my new family who insisted that when we all get back to England, we should all meet up.

My best friend in North Carolina is a prime example of a smile maker, she has picked me up many times, even when I didn’t deserve it.  She has a busy life with her college and looking after her two wonderful children and being married to a great guy, but she would drop everything to help put a smile on my face.   I do not have many friends, but you what; I rather have the just one true friend like I do with her than many people whom are no more than just an acquaintance.  She is a wonderful lady and I am truly blessed to have her and her children and her family who have also taken me in as one of their own too.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe how lucky I am .  If I was ever aloud to choose a sister, there would be no contest.

imagessRandom acts of kindness, the smallest gesture can do the world of good, and not just to the person you are helping but it gives you a warm feeling inside too.   So remember the world is not all doom in gloom, there is always hope.  When you see someone is down, help them back up again and when you fall, don’t be ashamed to ask for a hand up, because you deserved to be happy

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