Day nineteen – Landscape

Oh what a joyous day today, the sun was out, the birds where singing, and I got to hold a baby chicken and baby lamb, could it get better you ask? Well my dear viewers, yes it could, I got to see two goats that had just been born ten minuets ago and oh my, too much cuteness.  If you ever get a chance to go to Adam Hensons Cotswold Animal park during lambing season, do it, seriously you will never regret it, you may get to see this little fellow I got to talk to today.

_MG_8299s copyThe weather is quiet different from what it as when the images where taken, almost polar opposite to be exact.  There was no sun, no birds singing and certainly no baby anything’s, it was just cold and cold and even colder and snowing.

_MG_6847s copy Snow is a wonderful thing, it makes everything look clean and pure but unfortunately, England, bless her soul, cannot cope with it.   A small sprinkle of snow and England goes to pot, roads close, railways close, airports close, everything closes and don’t even think about buying bread or milk.  It seems so silly that for a country that has seen its fair share of the white stuff, it still hasn’t got an action plan of how to deal with it, well it has but it is a silly plan.

I have been through a good amount of big snow storms in New Jersey where I have to dig myself out the door, to dig myself up the path, dig myself to the car, dig the car out, dig the drive way and then on my way, the roads are all gritted and cleared and everything just works as it would on a normal business days.   On the night before a storm, the gritters will be out, action plans would have been made and no snow is going to mess with them, they make it look so simple.  Now England, my dear little Island, we are smaller than America, there is less to clear, not only in amount but also in area but nope, that would be high hopes.  It is a good excuse to stay at homes though.

From my bedroom window I have a fantastic view of the hill located half way up the road.   In the summer I get to watch and hear the cows in the lower fields and on that day I got to see the many children dragging there sleds up the hill and them watch them come back in ago exhausted.   The best thing about this site is the amount of families going up as a family and the dog in toe.   I don’t know if I am just being sentimental of the days when I took it for granted for a two parent family but there is something always so heart warming about seeing happy families.

Anyhoo, away from that tragric blip and back to happy talk.   I decided that afternoon to go up the hill and see what this hubbub was all about.  The field is split into many sections so on one side pretty much the younger generation of my village where there hurtling down on everything from the sled to plastic bags to lilos to bin lids to younger siblings if need be.  On the other side of the field, there is nothing but me with a camera taking pictures of the weird haunted trees.  It was bleak, but atmospheric, almost to the point of half expecting to find Frosty the snowman walking hand in hand with a lady from one of Jane Austin’s books.  It was like another world.  When I got to the top, I had to play silly with an annoying line of barbwire to get to the other side, to civilisation.

_MG_6850s copyA group of boys where taking it to the extreme with their little red plastic sled going down one on top of the other but before that, there was a team meeting and strategies where talk over, “you do this, take that bit of hill there you will get the best jump, slide there and barrel roll off”, I have to say I was very impressed but it is hard to take them seriously when the leader was dressed in nothing but a penguin onesie.  The plan was only half listened and thus two nearly broken collarbones happened on the wrong type of barrel roll.

The view from just that second field is unbelievable on any day, I feel so spoilt to live in a place of such beauty.   On the left lays the city of Gloucestershire, to the right Cheltenham, in the distance, the Malvens, beyond that the haunting Welsh mountains and smack bang in the middle is my little village, from this angle I can even see my house.   I just love that in the matter of five minuets I can be in one of the most peaceful spots in my area, in the summer time you will find the dog and I up there picking wild flowers and talking to whatever wildlife is in there that day.

_MG_6898s copyWe all need a place to feel free and to right the wrongs of a twisted mind and we all have our own ways of getting back to normality, some drink, some take a long drive, wise people eat chocolate but I escape, this is my therapy lounge, my location of story starters and my place to be me but happier.   I hope you have a place to go, to escape to be, I am off to another one of mine so I will bid you friends a good night and sweet dreams.