Day Twenty-one Sunset, or rather anything but one

It is just too cold for this.  I have a tea on one side of me, a fire place at my feet, blankets festooning the room in only a fashion my mother can create, and not a eenie weenie teenie bit of heat is getting near my location.  Beginning to think I am the enemy of heat, it sees me coming and it runs far, far away to the distance land of Narnia to melt the horrid snow queen, good I say, she was mean to Aslam.

lion_witch_and_wardrobe My Mother likes my issue with heating problems because she is still, what ladies of her age would call, going through the change, no not the kind where the voice gets deeper and the growing of stubble but more of the, I will not be needing Tampons anymore and due to this she gets those uncomfortable hot flushes.   For the sake of no more periods and warmth, I would quite happily remove my womb with a rusty spoon, I shall never be using it in this life time.  My fiancé doesn’t like it so much, he says that even when I wear gloves and socks, all I do is insulate cold, but that is how I have always been, cold blooded, so this means every morning I have to push lizards off a warm rock in order to function.

Anyho back today or more to the fact 30 odd days ago when this challenge was thrown down to me by the she Gods of Pinterest.

“Go forth and capture an image of a fine burning sunset” they said, to which I looked out and window and with a very matter of fact raised eye brow I looked at them and said

“Look, I thank you very much for the fine idea, as it is a very fine idea indeed, but I do however feel you have been averting your eyes recently to the matter of the weather in England the past couple of days, you see, yesterday it was cloudy, the day before that was cloudy, as was the day before that and the day before that, and so on, just repeat that pattern for at least three weeks and you may get the idea that where I am in this little village in the south, we have not, what you say, seen the light of day for a long, long time, and the last time that any of us have felt even the warm glow of a sunset was by flicking throw a travel magazine, so I am sorry but I will have to detour from today” I said while bowing and sucking up as much as possible.

The day on question was no difference, just as it is today, miserable.   I consulted my life council or better know as Mother of this dilemma, which was held before me.

“Go forth and take pictures of brushes” she advised

“Brushes?” I asked quizzically “Why brushes?” I continued

_MG_6942s copy“Why not” was the reply.  Hmmm she had got me there on the why not, the challenge throw down starter, take for example when Picasso drew weird pictures, I guess he would have said why not, just as Shakespeare would have called a man bottom and turned him into an ass in a Midsummer’s night dream, Why not, and a term that I have used too many of a time and at last she, my Mother had used it against me.   Then with a final order she added

“yes brushes, make them look pretty”

So brushes it was, tick, tick, tick went the brain and dong went the chimes as a idea brewed so brilliantly.  I would take the shoe polish brushes we have always had, now when I say always had, I mean as in from the existence of my family chain happening, they have always been there.  Many a Sunday evening my father and I would be on the front door step in all weather polishing the shoes ready for the week ahead, the comforting smell of Kiwi black in the tin, he would talk of is work and I would tell him of who was bullying me that week.   Even now it is a comforting smell I associate with my father, Kiwi, Hamlets and Kuros but as of his health scare there are no more Hamlets.

They where not there, how could they not be there? They where always there in the box with all the old rags, how the heck could they have moved?, brushes do not just simply walk away because of a lack of limbs

“Mum, where are the shoe brushes?”

“I think I might have thrown them out”

Noooooo!!!!!.   You know the other day when I was talking about those silly little things that you keep hold of in the house hidden away, such as I did with the blue giraffe, the brushes where one of those, a memory just thrown, or brushed away I should say.  Oh well, I still have a tin of Kiwi in my piano stool in New Jersey, still takes me right back to those days.

kiwi-shoe-polish-pick-up-line-small-25498Ok then, plan two, lets think a little more artsy me though, lets crack open the art set I have had for years and used once, lets search the shed lets be artistic and so I was.

So this is the short-ish story of how sunset day became anything other than sunset day and now became how to be artistic with art and art supplies, or alternatively called lets just stick stuff to the wall and see which brush falls first.

There are three types of people in the world, the mathematical, the artistic and the cast of the Jersey shore, I defiantly fall smack bang into the second option, my maths is beyond poor without assistance, I am pale enough to make a vampire look healthy but when it comes to making stuff, I am like a happy pig in a muddy sty.   I make things for photo projects and when people see the images, I am met by smiles and wows but then comes the usual question

“What made you think to do that?” and I think, my dear viewer you may already know the answer

“Why not”, it is my project, might as well make it fun, but most off all memorable, you are going to get nowhere in this artistic world without being a little off the wall.  Just don’t ask me to crochet, I have been taught many times but that one is just never going to sink in, which is a real shame because there is a hat I would love to make.

When it comes to art, I cannot sing its praises loud enough, there is so much more to art than just drawing or painting or sculpturing, it is way more psychological than that, the powers of art are just mind blowing.   Just the act of drawing straight lines is a easy task but you have to think about, how strong is the line, what colour to use, what emotion would that colour bring, to draw horizontal or vertical, do you use a ruler or free hand, and then don’t get me onto connecting lines and as for circles, well that is a whole new kettle of fish.

_MG_6975s copyI personally find it both extremely calming but also annoyed at my own failings, I love to draw, I love how I feel while drawing, I like how the paper feels and smells, the sound of the graphite across the surface but I just cannot for the life of me draw a figure, I have tried for years but unless my poor figure looks like a penguin sitting atop of a jelly goat, my accomplishment has not been for filled.  I haven’t given up though, you may call me purvey if you want but I have a great love for the human figure, no matter how big or small, skin is such a thing of beauty, how it moves, how the lights hit is, the hairs standing on end in the cold or a sweat on the brow in the heat, eyes, oh eyes, I could just fall into them.  A big reason why I occasionally like to have a lovely model to sit in front of my camera.

When I was at college in New Jersey I always made sure that every semester I would have an art lesson of some kind, and it just so happens I got lucky and ended up having the same brilliant professor all the way through.  He wasn’t much older than some of us in the room so he was easy to relate to, he was a joker and was always there with the best advice.   All his lessons where on a Friday, so for three hours before lunch, he would set up a study, tell us what he is looking for then he would switch on some of the best Pandora music I have every listened to and the fun would commence, I would leave as calm as a normal person on tranquillisers.    They where the best and I will be sad to see him leave to the other side of the country once his house stops falling down.   Him and I had the same taste in music and laughed at others who didn’t know the artists, which was unfortunately quite a lot of them, they where more into Beyoncee and rap crap than the classics such as the Stones, The who, Janis Joplin, Steepinwolf, Peter Frampton and so on, but the huge face plant was when one student did not know, hang on, I may have to take a deep breath of this, a few of them I should say did not know the, oh this is beyond ridicules, Ok I will just say it, they did not know The Beatles. Yes you saw that right, how the all holiness of life could you not know one of the most iconic bands in the world, I am even wearing one of their shirts today with red noses on it for red nose day, but then, I am just a huge fan anyway.  Just in case you happened to ask, George Harrison was my favourite.

So unlike the song “here comes the sun” the weather never changed again today, it is more like “A hard days night” but I will still “Follow the Sun” aha see what I did there, either that or invest in a “Yellow Submarine”, ok I will stop with the Beatles lyrics and Sunset on this writing for the day, time to put down the lappy top, pack away the narrative part of the brain and bid you as always a goodnight for now and good day tomorrow.