Day Twenty-two Some one I like

Evening all out there this night.

_MG_6982s copy

This is my Mothers and my dog.

Her name is Lucy.

She is almost eleven years old

And she is a Lurcher.

A Lurcher is a cross between a greyhound and something else, in her case a border collie.

She has the speed of a greyhound but not the brains of a collie.

She is a pain in the bum.

_MG_6987s copyIn my opinion, she is a grumpy old nag.

She pretends not to like me but I know she does.

She first stole the piece of floor I sit on, then she stole where I sit, now she tries to steel my bed.

She is afraid of everything in the dictionary that is between A and Z

She hates anything smaller than her.

She barks at the TV.

She leaves her soggy dog treats by my door for me to step on at 2 in the morning.

She leaves her hair everywhere.

She runs off.

She hardly looks happy; if it wasn’t for the sake of her brilliant up bringing we give her she could be a poster child for an animal rescue.

She will own the sofa when she stretches but can fold up into a tiny ball

She gets away with most things when mother is around

She is not cuddly.

She is a pain I the bum.

_MG_6998s copyOn the other hand.

She will be there whether you need her or not.

She keeps the house safe.

She will love you no matter what.

She has not a deliberate bad bone in her skinny body.

She is a constant companion.

She takes you on adventures.

She likes cows.

She looks after my mother when I am away.

She looks after my elderly neighbour.

She can do that tilted head trick to make her look adorable.

She is loyal.

She may not be cuddly but will accept a cuddle

She will keep you warm in winter.

She can make anyone smile.

She will occasionally let you take a picture of her.

She is forever entertaining.

She may be an utter pain in the backside

I like her

But I love her more.