Day Twenty-three Childhood memories

Good afternoon to all out there in the void.   Another chilly one out there today with a threat of snow, just either hurry with that snow or bring on temps that are at least more than the zero that is currently still blighting Old Blighty.

Just got off the phone with the fiancé for the first time in a week and ooh it where good to hear his voice, even if I had just woken him up.   I use this thing call Magic Jack to call him, which is basically a phone you plug into your lappy top and for something silly like 39 dollars a year you can call someone where ever for nothing, even on the mobile.  Highly recommend it.   Also while doing this I am glued to Pinterest getting ideas for wedding stuff, cheap and homemade is my thing right now, that way we can still have a great time but yet save our pennies or future adventures.

playmobile copyAs a child, I was never one of those typical girls who made scrap books of wedding plans filled with pictures of hideous 80’s dresses and over the top cakes, it was just something that has never really got to me until now.  Even still I am not spending hours glazing over wedding magazines or looking longingly over dresses that I need a mortgage for, I just want it to be simple and inexpensive.  My childhood was spent mulling over things much more important such as banana or prawn sweet, swing or slide, Barbie or Cindy and all those things that should be trivial now but actually have not changed, although I fell out with Cindy in the end.

I am an only child, but do not mistake this as being a spoilt one.  I had a very happy childhood to the point where I never went through the terrible twos, I was just too content, although I think I was just gormless at that age, it looks it in early pictures.   Special treats where not bags of sweets and toys but walks in the “Jungle” wood with my father and Sam the most faithful dog you would have ever known.  Sundays where the best though, Mum would have her alone time so Father and I would go down to the paper shop, he would treat me to a sneaky swizzles lolly pop and we would drive down the road behind the old railway line and feed the ducks with bread that was left over from the week.   Sometimes we would go to the park after that and although it may have seemed like hours in a childs mind, I feel him still pushing me for half the day on a swing “higher highter”.  We would return hours later, the dog would be muddy for unknown reasons, I would be warn out, father would have had some time with me and mother would have had a breather so toaster chicken sandwiches would be made and bath time.  A simple life, a happy life.

playmobile2 copyAs I said, I was a very content child, I didn’t need many people and due to this I would quite happily spend hours just playing on my own, inventing my own races in made up worlds, write stories before I was even able to write.  I seems funny that I was clearing out the attic a while ago and came across one of my tapes I used to record one of my stories when I was maybe about five years old, if that, wow the story was still there.  It is so odd listening to a younger version of myself, even the accent is different, I sounded almost yokelish, where as now I sound very “rather” British without the snootiness.

Toys with batteries freaked me out even at that age so I had things that required imagination, just as it should be in opinion.  My big loves where Barbie (still is in a way, I have some early ones from my childhood still and quite quietly I am going to say I have found a new love for the Fashionista ones for photo purposes of course) anyhow, my other loves apart from her here Lego and Playmobile.  I had a load of Playmobile because I would get the sets with my pocket money, long time saving.  Still have a load of it and haven’t the heart to get rid of it, so many hours of playing with them, lots of love went into their relationships with each other and the trips to the bath and park and picnics they came.

playmobile3 copyThe problem with me as a child and also me now is that I was an fussy player, things had to be set out properly before they could be played with and then put away in either a certain order or set up like it was on the box, oh that was a biggie, the box set up.   If Mr red shirt was standing next to the slide on the box, then they would be put away in that order, him first then slide or back on the shelf as him next to the slide.  I have no idea where that habit comes from.   If you where ever in my house at Christmas time and there where boxes of toys, the day went by very meticulous and neatly, even the wrapping paper was not ripped, I could carefully pull off the tape and then fold it neatly into a draw for art stuff later.

My room was not tidy though, it wasn’t a mess either on some standards I have seen but I have never liked mess, it just crawls under my skin and when it piles up I have a tidy spree and all is good with the world again.

playmobile4 copyI totally forgot to tell you about the other Sunday treat, it may seem small to you but this day was the only day I was aloud to eat sweets.  I had a small jar of dolly mixtures and white chocolate mice, jelly tots and simple things like that, and on that night it was a free for all.  Being a small child who had little appetite, not many left that jar, still have that jar somewhere.  The only other time was when I was ill and had to take “Mooty” as mother would call it or better known as medicine, this was the only moment when mumps was bearable.

I was blessed to have the childhood I had, lucky to have two very loving and caring parents, to have known my grandparents a little while, to be able to be free in the wild but also the lessons that where learned along the way.  Although if I where able to go back in time and meet myself as that child, I would tell myself not to be such a prat as a teenager and take risks but safer risks.

Right I am off to rekindle a childhood memory and start up that sweetie jar again, even if it just something to look at and smile. Wrap up warm my friends, it is going to be another chilly chillsome night.  Lots of love from the child I used to be to the grown up one I am now.