Day Twenty-seven Natural light


Good after noon all out there on the Cyber void, welcome to my bedroom where the sun light is gently tickling my toes.   I have just come back from the dog walk and my fingers a still a little numb so bare with me my friends.  The dog was much happier today, much bounding and jumping and even smiled, it is not often I take her to the park to throw the ball around, my mother and I usually walk around the village with her every day, and even I think at times it is monotonous.

_MG_7248s copy  Yes there is sunshine, it has just come out for the first time today.  The morning has been spent_MG_7251s copy in a cloak of wet fog draining all delight out of the day.  So hello sunshine, it is nice to see you, where the heck have you been, I was worried, you didn’t call, you didn’t leave a note, what was I meant to think?, anyhow, it is great to see you, even if this is a fleeting visit.

I think it knows I am talking about it because today’s project 30 days ago was natural light, and how could you get more natural that the sun.   The silly thing about this one was, it was the only project that had me stumped, I had not a dickie bird of a clue what to do.  Nearly all the photos I have taken for this where using natural light.

I have studio light in both countries but figured I just wanted to keep this quick and easy.  Since I have been home there have been many a project set up on either my white window sill with a piece of grease proof paper over a small portion of window, or for a darker background, the top of my piano, which is incidentally right next to the window.  So there I was thinking, hmmmm I could take pictures of the sky but found out I couldn’t do that because that project was in the next few days.

I was frustrated, so in the most photographic way I can put it, I just started picking up stuff what light shone through and put the sun behind it.   You know what surprised me out of all this? Snow globes, yes I know that is a random answer but the effect that I got from mine was not something I expected., it made me wish I had an even closer macro lens I could use but alas I am without that lens and the pennies to purchase it with.

Tell you one thing though, I was a painful and stupid project in the sense that everything I was shooting was right into the sun, after half an hour, I could no longer see the camera in front of me and just ended I shooting stuff and hoping for the best, pretty much what I do the majority of the time.

_MG_7266s copyTo be honest I wasn’t all that pleased with the early pictures for this day, they just didn’t sing, so_MG_7282s copy I turned to the trusty Internet and looked up natural light.  I face planted myself so hard that I can still see stars, how could I have been so stupid and not thought of it that way, don’t shoot the light source, shoot stuff lit by it.  Yet again pretty much I have been doing all the way along but by now the light was fading and I had to run around the house looking like I had a rocket up my bum looking for something inspiring.  This you see before you is a oil bottle I got for my Mother off a harbour in Cypress I think.   It was a boat dock for the fishermen who where now currently playing dominos on a rickety old table, it was a very vocal game with much slamming on the table as each piece went down.  The collective age around the table must have been around 300 years old, they where wizened, toothless, wrinkling and crinkling, their skin the colour and texture of old leather in the best photographic way, they where beautiful.   Oh I would love to be there right now, sipping a fresh orange juice on a sandy beach, listening to the waves lapping on the shore, feeling a warm sunshine on the back of my legs as a gentle breeze teases my hair, oooo, even as a fanticy it is still nice to think about it.  I do a lot of that, mind over matter stuff, it really does help, picturing yourself somewhere idyllic and peaceful and you too will feel at peace with the world if you just take the time.

_MG_7293s copy

I’m sorry but I am not 100% today, I still have the plague and I didn’t_MG_7298s copy sleep much last night, I am cold and just want to get into my bed and sleep till summer.  My mind is else where, Cypress to be exact, but I did have a nice piece of Dutch shortcake today, most odd taste and rather nice so I am off to try and find the recipe and bit you adue to a weller and more awake Roubs tomorrow.





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