Day Twenty-nine Clouds


Welcome, welcome, welcome to you my dear void viewers, and to a fresh new month of March.   Does it feel fresh? no, it is as miserable as February so far.   Happy Saint Davids Day Wales.    I am sorry I am not more bouncy today, I spent the night with what feels like syrup streaming out my nose and to wake up this morning with a rhino charging on the inside of my skull with wood peckers stabbing my eyes, yey me, yey migraine.  It is now half past one in the afternoon and although the woodpeckers have nearly flown away, the rhino is still there pounding away like an angry toddler, yay, just fantastic, she says ironically.  Tempted to go back to bed and hope that some kind of medication will kick in and all will be cured by the time the sun maybe makes an appearance today.  Oh this is all too negative today, pack it in Roubs and just drink your tea.

imagesLast night, I lost good friend of mine, or I should rather say a few good friends of mine, and now I have to find new ones on a new adventure.  No nothing tragic in a physical sense, just more or a literally sense.   For the past month I have been reading the Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy series by Douglas Adams and last night, I turned the final page on the final book.   I have followed the most unlikely hero’s and heroines, fought off the monsters in time and space, stolen many a space craft and done a lot of towel waving while trying not to panic, and now like their earth, I has all come to an end and my night time reading friends have gone.  It seems strange that a book that is so easy to read, with the majority of it is made up nonsense, then, when you start looking between the lines and see certain quotes, it does actually make me stand back and say, “hang on, he is really onto something here”.  I like things like that, they make me think.  Give the series a try, it is worth a good laugh, I am now looking forward to watching the film and see if it did the books justice.

Now I am not really into aliens and other beings on other unknown planets but I have to admit last night, I was looking up into the skies and images (1)thinking, what if? What if there was actually another race out there watching us, what would they think of us? And visa versa, if we could see them, what would we think of them? I guess that is just one of those empty pondering questions that the likes of Winnie the Pooh and Dr Who would contemplate while eating jam sandwiches and drinking tea.

_MG_7427s copyCloser to earth, the clouds have obstructed the view of those stars of last night, and has just left this little village in the south west duller and drabber than a greying string vest.   Absolutely no change in how it was the day I took my photos.  I was so frustrated with that, we had actually had some sun a few days before and then the day the photo needs to be taken, the clouds roll in and there is nothing but grey.  Not even a change in colour variations or tone changes as it sores from horizon to the stratosphere, just grey mixed with grey with a hint more grey in there to add some effect, hmmph and if that wasn’t enough, it started to rain, hoo freaking ray!  So this is why I did the project that way on the day, if I can’t get the clouds then I will make them.   With only one more project to go, I was no way going to make let this little hitch lead to giving up on a quest.

In my short life so far, I have seen some of the beautiful skies against some of the most beautiful backdrops, and although the sky outside isn’t saying much today, I know that the sun will come out and everything and everyone will be happy again.

I have seen sunsets that looked like the sky was made of fire, sunrises bursting into life over the horizon like a diamond ring glinting out of the sea, deep blue empty vastness, the yellowing of the storms and the green of the snow, I have followed a sunrise for eight hours straight while crossing the ocean while the moon smiled gently as we flew on by.   I still cannot for the life of me get over the natural beauty of this world when we actually step back and take time to look, it really is quite extraordinary, and it sad that more and more of us are loosing the sky.   Areas are becoming more built up and lit up and children will grow up without seeing the constellations of the stars, we build sky scrapers that do nothing but scrape the sky, we hide ourselves for hours a day in artificially lit offices and never see the natural light of day, how can we really appreciate nature when we never let it in our lives.  Profit, and greed, it is funny how much this interferes with our lives and our skies.

Now as I said, there have been many skies that have taken my breath away but there will always be one that just drops my jaw every time I think about it, and it something only a select few will ever see.

I was once lucky enough to be invited on a trip to the Grand Canyon and when I say a trip there, I don’t mean, go there have a look at the wonder_MG_7426 copy of the world and then leave, no, our trip was to walk all the way down, camp there for two days and then walk all the way back up again.  It was a very, very tiring and extremely hot adventure, but it is something I would happily do again.  At the bottom is the camp site with a river running through it, nothing else, no hotels, no shops, no lights, nothing, just you and nature, and I remember that first night sleeping out of the tent because it was too hot, and I have never seen so many stars in my life.   So, so many and oh, my friends, it was spectacular, there where so many stars that I couldn’t even make out a constellation, it was almost like there was more light than dark in the sky, and for the first time in my life, I really felt like I was part of that sky due to its immensity and power.  Nature, the river, my friend and the never-ending sky.   The second best sight came a day later when we discovered a small shack up the river which sold lemonade, it could have had antifreeze in it for all I cared because at that time, it was pure nectar of heaven.

The sky at the Grand Canyon played tricks with the rock formations as we walked around, depending on what time of day it was, the valley was either red of golden or yellow and as the day wore on, the bluer and more purple it got until eventually they where once again hidden within the sea of the sky.   It is the only place where I have ever cooked dinner on a rock, and eaten off a fig leaf because we left the plates in the car eight miles up on the top.

I still can’t believe I was there smack bang in the middle of one of the eight wonders of the world, there is something magical about even saying it, to be one of the select few to be down the bottom and come back with so many stories and new perspectives on life and where you fit in it.

As for life here, well, it is getting better, the rhino has now let me put up some bubble wrap so the whacks don’t feel so bad now, the lemon and ginger tea is doing it’s bit and although the sky doesn’t look like it is going to change today, life is good and this little bit of grey will not pull me down and this rhino and its friends and the nose of syrup will eventually go away, and I will be once again a hundred percent me again, happy, grateful, artistic me.  So it has been fun talking to you today, it is always nice to feel that even if one person stops by each day, you are noticed, and isn’t that just what we all want, to be known and to liked, so heres to you my one or many viewers, thank you.



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