Pretending to be a pro and accidentally ruining the keys of a 1910 Sohmer Piano

Music is one of my best friends, it does not feel right without some type of rhythm in my life.   I love listening to many genres of music but my biggest pleasure is playing my piano.  I have been playing since I was knee high to a small grass hopper and I have always dreamed of owning a baby grand piano.  A big black shiny Yamaha beautiful piano,  I would spend all day playing everything from Mozart to Chopin to Lady Gaga and back, but that is what always was, a dream.  That was until a few years back when some how my fairy godmother flew by one day and showed me a old relic of a piano that needed a new home, YES was the answer and hence I have my dream, a sadly out of tune, bumped about scratched beauty whom I love to pieces.  It made me realise that I did not want a new one any more, I had one with history, one that had been passed down from parent to child, teacher to student, had heard and played many a good and bad tune.

Then one day a photography professor asked us to produce a few images on colour, so out I went and bough tissue paper, cut it into strips, sprayed some water on my old ivories and decorated the hell out of it.  It all looked very pretty.  Straight after the pictures where taken, the paper was removed and the keys where dried.  A week after that, the ivory started coming off the keys, noooooooo!!! I was gutted.  On the other hand, it actually gave me the boot  I needed to start on the restoration of my beauty, she now has new Ivorines, they called them, so no poor elephants are victims, it has been repainted and varnished, all it needs now it a bit of a retune and she will be as good as not new but a shabby well loved new.

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