Experimenting with pinhole photography

Sometimes it just feels good to bring things back to basics, this is why you find me here playing with pinhole photography.   It is so easy to lose the appreciation of  all these fangled gadgets that do all the work for us, we take technology for granted.  Ok, it does take some skill to work a camera properly, but 100 years ago photographers didn’t have that helping hand, no happy bright LCD screens to give the thumbs up or a second chance, we had to be patient.   It is here I have to admit I may have slightly cheated, I used my trusty slow Canon 5D and stuck black paper and tinfoil over where the lens should be and stick a pin into it.  It is what I call a very expensive digital pinhole but still fun.   Plus for the record, the inners of my camera are not that dirty, it is so much worse.

The general rule is the smaller the hole, the sharper the image but in a way I really like what it has done to the portraits, it gives the skin a lovely angelic glow.

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