Pretending to be pro & the Easter set featuring cozy eggs, yummy Kinder, chirpy chicks and a rabbit called Strawberry

I am just going to come out and say it; I am not a person who is big on religion. I respect those who believe in whatever religion or belief system they hold onto, but it is something that has never really taken me by the hand. I have nothing against it, and will in no way want to belittle anyone of their beliefs.
I have my own simple beliefs of common sense, be nice to people, don’t steal, respect your elders, owning up to your mistakes, no killing stuff or people and just a whole bunch of other things that just make living wise. Christmas was big thing but as the years have gone by, and families have fallen apart, it wasn’t because of baby Jesus being born in an manger, it was the toys and the family fun and because of this, I feel it has lost its true meaning through pushing sales and almost bullying parents into providing the super awesome new toys your children will play with for 5 minuets, nothing to do about the “King” who saved your souls.
Easter on the other hand, is a strange one for me, I love it and yet again it is not necessary all due to religion but more of what it symbolises. It is the session of newness, there old winter can pack his bags while the children of spring return throwing blossoms of fruits and flowers turning a grey country into one of majestic colour. It is also a time of birth, where lambs and chicks scatter about in lush grass, a time of rebirth for the soul. To me, Easter is New Years day, it is a time to dust down all the regrets and hates and lost chances of the pass year and breath anew, to open the eyes a little wider and smile a little brighter as the earth yet again reawakens. It almost seems quite sad that the real year end in so cold and dark and as soon as the clock strikes twelve, bringing in this new year, it is still the same, cold and dark, and will remain so for months to come, why is this something to look forward to?
I rather that this magical clock struck twelve on a frosty eves night with the promise that the next morning, the sun will come out of the mist, the birds will sing in budded tree and the land will be vibrant and hopeful.
As for the chocolate, I do like it, but I don’t get Easter eggs or any other shaped chocolate figures because I do not eat them, there is something sad about having this cute bunny with huge eyes, with the thought that I have to break him or her with this smiling face still staring at me and it watches me eat him or her. I just can’t do it, this is why when I am lucky enough to get hold of Jelly Babies, the head is taken off first, same goes for ginger bread people. Seems funny that my Father actually bought me an egg this year, the first one in many years, because I have not been around, he knows I will not eat it, he know that will only take the wrapper off, take a picture of it, keep the wrapper safe and just watch the egg dry out. It is tradition.
Talking like this makes me feel so wasteful, I am so lucky to have a roof over my head, two parents who think the world of me and yet not even on the other side of this earth, there are children and adults with nothing but a hope of a meal or health, and here I am being awkward over not eating something with big eyes and a smile. It is so sad that no matter what we do, no matter how much money we throw at these countries, there is always the same problem, people are still starving, still have no medical help, still have no houses, no contraception, no rights and yet their government sit on thrones like kings buying weapons and turning a blind eye to their country in need. How could they live like that, knowing that right on their doorsteps are millions who need help?
We give money for mosquito nets, we hand it to the people, but what we don’t see is them selling them it to get money for food. I am not a mother but if I was given the only option of feeding my child or protecting it from a bug, I would 100% feed the child, I would sell the world just to know that my baby will not die in the next few hours.
I am no way saying do not donate, do it, do it and mean it, I am just more angry that we try and help these people when their own country does nothing, so sad.
On the other hand, back to our countries, we have the same problem, the cold has taken over this country but yet the energy providers think it wise to raise the costs, this has in turn left families in more financial struggles with the same problem of do I have a cold house or do let my child go to bed with no dinner. I have heard of some elderly people who do not put on their heating because even their government hand out will not cover it, these are war heroes, shivering in their own homes.
So with this Easter, have your fun, eat your eggs, enjoy the family you have and be blessed for those who are no longer with us, but also spare a thought for those who may not be lucky enough to go on their egg hunt, could you be the hero of their day, to give them a smile?
Happy Easter to all and happy rebirth of your soul.